About Us

Shenzhen Chunchang Group Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1999. The company has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality management system authentification. We have set up our brand position by leading technology and stable product performance in organic silicon material production field. The company constantly pursues excellence in technology and product quality.

Our insistent tenet is treating people by credit and operating by honesty. Based on long-period cooperation, the company will for ever make faithful friends for manufacturer and customers. The company can develop the relative special new potential of new products according to demands from customers.

Our products include: 
1. double-composition room temperature sulfuration mould silicon glue. This product is widely used in polyresin, epoxy resin, PU foaming resin and others.
Characters: good fluidity, high temperature resistance and others.
2. Processing mould liquid silicon rubber is used in invisible bra, transparent mould, copycat and others.
Characters: high transparence, no shrinkage and high and low rigidity can all be adjustable.
3. Transfer printing glue includes forming series and plastic synthesis series and is used to manufacture transfer printing glue head of silicon glue.
Characters: medium viscidity, good fluidity, no transform and good printing transfer performances.
4. Electronic silicon rubber includes electronic elements, LED series and other series.
Characters: acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging and high and low temperature resistance, strong viscidity and others.
5. Daily chemical silicon oil is used in shampoo, body wash and other cosmetics, and still used in furniture, leather clothes and others.
Characters: viscous range is 50~100MPa.s. It owns good lubrication, electric insulativity, high temperature resistance, high flash point, low freezing point and others.

achineries enable them to design and develop any type of and complicated tools and dies for plastic injection moulding.

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